Where is the line
between an On-Line Bomb Making Course
and these idiots who allow this shyte into the wild?

AGAIN, these idiots are ruining on-line privacy for the
majority of people casually accessing the internet.

Brings back memories of my 3 years in Art School:
Every year like clock-work some newbie would think
he was a geniarse by "firing-up" in the rear stairwell.

The staff had a very unique fix for the infraction;
they'd have the janitor splash around industrial-
strength ammonia to mask the smell... sending us
all running from class to class holding their breath
and gasping for air for the rest of the day!
____________ sick sick sick sick sick sick sick
Problem solved:
Any time some fool attempted to toke-up, the rest
of us would do whatever was necessary to talk-some-

A Self-Policing System. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! laugh

Nuff Sed.