Normally I read mystery fiction but get into historical fiction occasionally.

Recently found the works of L.J. Martin

He writes, mostly westerns. Whereas I don't often read westerns as such since they are too ficionalized and focus on high noon style gun fights, (rarely really happened). Martin relates his characters in more realistic settings. Giving more of a feeling of the times.

With Amazon Kindle books editions, one can pick a mentioned word or phrase and be sent to researching. In my current book, Stranahan, I picked up his horse, [i]grulla/[i], went to Wilipaedea , to discover its a Dun Colored horse closely tied to Wild horse breeds, then branched from there to saddles, and related tack. Then got into the derivatives of the Sharps rifle then to ditiling corn liquor.

That's how I read a book. The book becomes windows then doors into discovery.


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