Sorry, the only reference I saw on TV was when
they broke in with a Special 'Breaking News' Report
just as I was passing into one of my diabetic mini- the time I came to again, everyone was
saying that it was just another case of some news
source (CNN) wrongfully reporting a situation in
their rush to "scoop" everyone else... at which
time I got busy with other things, only occasionally
poking my favorite Cluster News Source (GoogleNews)
since it normally carries headlines from hundreds
of newspapers & sources to choose between, yet as
I said... there was NOTHING, not a hint for the next
2 days. It wasn't until I read a comment an link on
one of my Aussie Science forums that I was snapped
out of my blissful slumber. "WTF!?!" shocked

To Mr. B:
It was also in the same "chat" thread where someone
brought up the Kent State story and subsequent links...

Granted, you may be a few years older than myself whistle
but the Kent State massacre and cover-up happened
during MY Lifetime, and as such holds some relevance
to many of my g-g-generation. wink