The only thing I'm going to say.

I think giving a child a gun is fine...........


giving him/her a gun is not the same as giving him a toy. Not like giving her a doll and telling her "go off and play". I would say that those parents ho do this , know this. They know what the gun is. It certainly is not a toy, though it is lots of fun.

Compare it to giving a teen a car. Many times parents give their teen a car to relieve themselves of responsibility . They now don't have to drive him everywhere. Those with teens know that they are active and have to be driven constantly, it seems. Thus, with his having his own car, it gives the parent more freedom.

Giving a gun, no matter what age, is just the opposite . It is putting more burden on the parent for responsibility. He needs to supervise the child each and every time the child has it. And not just be in the house or even the room but , right there beside the child when he uses it. It's not like a fishing rod where each of them stand on the bank casting and reeling in fish. He has to give that child undivided attention. Then when the session is over, secure the gun.

Any object that can injure a child needs to be secure. All of us who raised children know what "child proofing" a home is. Meds, knives, ropes, electrical cords and outlets, tools, remotes, computers, trinkets, stairways, stove controls need to be secured. Guns are no different.

We don't let kids play with any of the above . But accidents do occur. We, as parents strive to watch our kids in all things. We don't let them play In the front yard with cars zipping by. We don't let them play near a swimming pool, or climb trees, or run around the mall, or be in the yard when the grass is being mowed, or ride on the mower, play sword fight with sticks, or use sharp scissors, or play with matches, use the barbecue , or sit in our laps to steer the car. Use the power saws. All of these activities can lead to accidents. Using Guns can also

But when accidents occur, and they will, we don't ban fronts yards, or ban swimming pools, or trees, or ban malls, or lawn mowers, or scissors, or matches, or ban barbecues, or cars or power saws. All of these are useful to many people though not everyone.

It's about responsibility

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time