When I read Steve Jobs' authorized biography, it
stated in part that Jobs had difficulty finding
American Manufacturers willing to supply products
(such as "Gorilla Glass" and the luxurious chromed
and meticulously curved aluminum cases we'd come
to expect as The Apple Standard) here in the US.
Whereas he'd go to China and say "Can you make
10 million units of xyz" and they'd say "SURE!"
and build a factory to do it. They were also the
only people who'd adhere to his maniacal attention
to detail... his insistence on Zen-Like elegance,
meticulously finished and polished components
that American manufacturers insisted "were never
meant to see the light of day!!!" cry

Gorilla Glass was originally developed by Corning,
but when they were approached, they said no...
they were not prepared to outfit for a run of a
product (that in their opinion) was destined to
fail. After all.. wth would pay $500 for a phone? crazy

So they, like IBM before them, gave him the go-
ahead, and the rest.... well you know. wink

Hard to feel sorry for short sighted arrogant aholez.

I understand that's how AT&T came to be the only
carrier on the block... they were the only ones
with enough footing "To Take A Chance".