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Hyperbole? I dunno bout that. There 2 incidents this past 3 weeks where a child under 6 shot a sibling to death with a gun from their own home.
Disgusting and shameful.




Rum must have been kicking in..lol. I mean to say there were 3 incidents.

Easy to do
when the same story
is splashed all over the place.

On the other hand there are more kid on kid
killings, accidentally & otherwise than most people
are aware of.

2 kids I used to play with whenever we visited my
Dad's people in the suburbs of Birmingham parted
company when one took the top of the others head
off while doing what we were all too familiar with
them doing, playing "bang-bang" shoot'em up all day
every day with toy guns.

I was back in Jersey at the time, but my aunt related
the story to us during one of our last conversations.

Don't ask me why at some juncture they picked up
two guns (as opposed to"Rifles") that had always
been in the closet... one was a Civil War musket,
the old single shot ram-rod, pre-rifling affairs
...the other a shotgun. One of them pointed the
musket at the other and pulled the trigger......
...well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

On another note,
I've had 2 uncles shot to death, one in 'Jersey
the other in Birmingham... one was gang related
the other fighting over woman.

I'll leave it to you to figure out which was which.