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240 piece puzzle

The treatments folks go thru are so grueling! I had two friends elect not to undergo them. Both had a 50/50 chance of prolonging their lives. But I could understand their wishes not to do the treatments.

That is why I still admire our friend Dave B for his bravery in all he elected to withstand for more time on earth with family and friends.

My sister was midway into her treatments and she asked my sister if she could quit! She said, "Lil, I am so tired and it hurts my back so much." They were trying to reduce the size of tumor in her lung to prolong her life. She quit. Last time I talked to her on the phone she was in hospice and said to me, "Eth, someone slipped me a mickey!" She giggled and died a couple of days later.

Swatty: May god bless you and give you peace and comfort. I was happy to see all our old friends on your Friends page/list. Hang in there. Ethel/Kate