I'll try to get a better picture once I paint the figure.

Frankly I settled for the one I got because I
could never have afforded the original for $165.

Had I known how much time and trouble I'd spend
collecting the various components I may have
thought twice about setting aside 20 bucks a month
until the one posted above became available...
...had I been certain that that day would ever come.

I've spent a good deal more than $200, but at
least I got to spread out the payments to pay
for each individual part. (including about $50
in paint plus spray base, clear, & matte topcoats.)

In case you're so inclined to take up a new hobby,
THESE are by the same artist, based in Hong Kong.

THIS is a nice knick-knack as well smile

I just hefted it... I was wrong, it IS Glass chystal
...not wanting to put finger prints all over it, I hadn't
handled it in quite a while, it's pretty heavy.
As my Southern cousins used to say; "I wouldn't
wanna get hit in the head with it doin' 80 mph!" shocked