In news of other schools and other school districts.

Sigh. People at my school wanted me to run for school board. Over my dead body, I said. First the people who run this district don't know how to balance a check book--what they need on the board are people who have some idea of the difference between income and debit columns. I sorta do, but not enough. Second, you'd have to be insane to want to try to fix the mess these people have made--on a local scale, as bad as what Dubya did to the US. Third, the internal politics of the board are so bad that you have to put on a flak jacket to go to a meeting. I'm plumb out of flak jackets, I'm afraid. Fourth, the members of the board are a bunch of slime-ball jerks. Presiding over the poorest, or next to poorest school district in the PA, nonetheless they gave themselves lavish lunches and lavish hotel accommodations when they took trips to conferences. For one little old lunch affair they paid over 75,000 bucks. And I'm supposed to deal with those f-ckers?

No thanks.

Meanwhile, the kids are screwed over in all different directions. It's heartbreaking. And I'm glad that the auditor specified that it's not the kids nor the teachers who are at fault in the mess. He's absolutely right about that.
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