THIS is the one I bought way back when
they announced that the one above
wouldn't be going into production,
and I've been dressing him ever since,
from the sneakers up. Socks, undies,
dungarees, belt, watch, turtleneck...
I bought him an iPad & a MacBook Air
and he's sitting on my desk on the red
leather chair from "The Matrix". cool

I don't like the way the neck joint fits
so I stopped whilst I searched the web
for the correct type that's need, which
has proven really daunting so far.
I haven't begun the painting as of yet,
since I'm still not sure if I'll need
to modify the neck with my Dremel and
that would prolly mess up the paint...

I'll post a picture tomorrow if I can
take a half way decent picture.. I'm
admittedly the world's WORST photog. frown