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No they have a choice not to work there but they could also starve... it's more like an economic slavery. Is this the way the future world is headed. Everything the cheapest... and we as American consumers end up being the "economic slave owners" of much of the rest of the world ?

Thoughts? Comments ?

What do we do ? boycott ?

First off America is not the only country that depend on cheap labor. Why should only American consumers take up the "cause?" If they do, other countries who support these economic slave owner countries should take up the cause also.
Bangladeshi government also has turned a blind eye to the working conditions. That's because it is motivated to entice retailers with low costs. Bangladesh's ready-made garments make up nearly 80% of the country's $24 billion in annual exports.

If these economic slave owner countries turn a blind eye, there is nothing another country can do.

I'm all for clean up your own mess at home first before cleaning up somebody else's mess first...........
Human Sexual Slavery is alive & well in the US. And I am NOT talking about just your normal street ho either.
Clean this up, then maybe we can talk.........

This is my opinion and I am sticking to it!