I admit to being even more informal when I text
than I am here, by intentionally writing in the
vernacular(New Jerseyeese) but you're right;
texting, like Ebonics, has become a sub-language
in it's own right ...or is that write? wink

In fact, just yesterday I was relating (face to face
to my BF) what I was viewing in our backyard:

The silly gits downstairs AGAIN left a wooden
bar-stool sitting in place in the yard, in the rain.
(this after watching them throw away at least 5
other pieces of wooden dining room furniture
that had met the EXACT SAME untimely demise.)
...and it'll remain there until their next party!

I looked at my BF and said, you might expect to
witness one of their drunk arses, feet in the air shocked
lying amid the rubble ...again, at which time you
will be totally justified in "R-O-T-F-L-Y-A-O" !

Yup.. you got it.. I actually spelt it out. blush