I would like to "buy" this guy a drink, doh!
</accidental carpism>

I give this guy a lot of credit for confronting the infowars "reporter", the same "reporter" who interrupted the FBI news conference on April 18 with the "false flag" rant, accusing the FBI of doing this while the FBI was on the trail of the bombers on the loose.

I'll applaud the profanity used because it was said to his face, unflinchingly. That takes nerve. This Infowars reporter is walking the street in Boston and editing video to claim that Obama and the FBI did this horrific act. They're trying their best to overthrow the government and have citizens take arms against those who's job it is to protect us. Infowars & Jones and their propagnda make them true anarchists and hatemongers. The verbal onslaught was a little bit of payback.