Hate to say it but there are so many conflicting articles - and studies by all kinds of experts , except from used car sales men.

I stand by my guns and will stick with what Geologist say <- even them don't all agree with in their own group. However the majority will point to the rocks and give you a history lesson , printed in stone and they can prove it.

Mind you that allot of these warming theories have done 5 year 10 or 15 maybe longer studies - but the Geologist can go back 50,000 years or more and point at the proof.

Anyway I do not disagree with global warming at all - - I do disagree that we puny humans are the cause of it all . I read somewhere a scientist gave a rate of blame that is somewhere between 95% to 98% all natural event. Simply it was going to happen anyway regardless if we all were driving cars or riding horses today. If any thing we pushed the warming clock up just a few years.