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Actually those comments came from Geologist who say we are headed into a mini ace age - it always gets warmer first. The real proof is in earths history written in stone.

I would believe a Geologist before Al Gore any day.

What they say is true
but you're not comprehending the mechanism
driving that phenomenon:

An ice age can come about when the WARMING Climate melts a large body of Ice, that changes the salinity of the ocean, disrupting the deep sea upwelling
so in a back-assward way, they're right

The point is, they destroyed the deep sea currents by melting the Polar Ice Caps responsible for the exchange & distribution of the heat across the entire earth responsible for the temperate climate conducive to life as we know it now it's "all over the map" instead of the Jet Stream gently undulating across the continent, it's wildly snaking it's way across the nation like a roller coaster leaving tornados
and blizzards in it's wake

I'm half asleep
read the article for yourself it's not written by Al Gore
but by a scientist who's NOT being paid by