How much money does it really cost? Don't know how these Boston brothers financed all of their guns, but the bombs don't seem like they cost much to construct either. The older brother probably just took cash from what his wife earned 8o hrs/wk as a caregiver.

Turns out from the radio news - the US government help to finance <- via the older brothers was on welfare laugh and his wife worked. These guys worked alone and was not Al-Queada funded , just got advice ? ?

How much money ? I would think for Al-Queada a bunch of cash per head. Remember Al-Q wants them to keep a very low profile so this means they don't get a job or go on government assisted programs.

1 - Plane ticket to the US.
2 - Lodging
3 - Food
4 - Transportation
5 - Weapons including materials for bombs
6 - MISC, such as fake IDs, cash to cover ya tracks, bribes.
7 - In Iraq anyway, Al - Q was paying 10,000 bucks to suicide bombers families . As an incentive to sign up today.

Plus Al-Q does have some small standing armies in conflicts . So that means they have to be feed and paid and armed with ammo.

Theres got to be a money trail - find where and turn it off.