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Believe me its more like 40 minutes.
I guess the scientifically calculated charts are wrong, we should ask carp instead? smirk laugh

Damn you're thick headed, makes conversations so frustrating many times I don't even bother to respond.

When we got into it over Global Climate Change
he kept insisting we were going into another Ice Age
without understanding the principals of thermodynamics
in spite of graphs & charts

I considered holding him under water until he stopped struggling!
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So what does turning up an hour do ? ?
For example, in December, when the sun sets at 5:15, for most people it's dark when they get home from work. If you change the clocks ahead it sets at 6:15 so they have some daylight left after work to run errands, work outside etc.

but to respond to the topic:
It's all well & good for office workers,
"Just turn on the freakin' light!"

On the OTHER hand, my best friend is STILL A FARMER!
He already works from sun up to sundown 7 days a week
Now you'd have him going to work @ 1AM? ** WTF?

Recently I'd asked why the heck he was leaving
for work... "Isn't it SUNDAY There???"
I was told that he had another 3 thousand trees
to graft, and if the weather got another day
closer to winter, the sap would stop rising
and they'd be in danger of losing the entire crop

ummm just ANOTHER example of Another PoV
necessary to weigh in on these debates wink

((** disclaimer: that chart doesn't include
the calculation for anywhere other than the USA,
and I'm too tired to Google it @ 1AM tired ))