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Dang you ARE old ! grin

Yeah Woodstock - that was revolutionary and then you think of all the great ones there ! Awesome event !! once in a century ! SUre wished I'd known !!

No... I'M OLD. frown

I knew... I just didn't "know" frown

I was 20 years old in '69
and the senior member of our commune
(@ the Digger's Free Store, in the Bowery
Abbie Hoffman & the Yuppies lived in the
apartment below, the Eastside Aliens below them)
I usually opted to stay behind and both
cook for and stand guard over "the kids"
while the t'weeney's ran free

They all ran off to The Washington Rally
and got their heads cracked by the Pigs
Then they ran off to Chicago and came home
bloodied and broken.
When they said they were going to a place
called "Woodstock" I said.. "naw... I'll pass!"

frown D'oh! Talk about "HINDSIGHT"

I just Googled "Diggers Free Store, Bowery"
(there was also a DFS in 'Frisco)
and came up with a taste of the scene 'back then"

btw, Hoffman stole "Steal This Book" from a
pamphlet made available to the runaway kids
...kind of a streetwise survival guide called,
"Feck the System" but then he was
little more than a self-promoting a-hole anyway.

double edit:
I forgot to drop da' link crazy
Triple edit:
Sorry kiddies;
the title of the download breaks the censor-bot

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