It was fascinating in the days following the bombing to see how the internet sleuths speculated on practically everything. This speculation was based on photos before & after the explosions, not just Beck-like Saudi fixations The huge quantity of images and videos out in the wild quickly was distilled down to a few dozen photos of guys near the scene carrying backpacks big enough to hold a pressure cooker bomb. I don't know if the Reddit crowd actually picked out the real bombers, but the crowd-sourcing effort was impressive (although wrong).

But now there's more and more speculation about connections to these terrorists and some seem like the FBI would be all over stuff like this:

So, if the army of Reddit-type crime solvers is so quick (only a couple of days) to identify specific "suspects" within crowds out of the thousands of photos out there why don't they apply the same effort to filter the internet for Youtube bomb-making, terrorist networking and Jihad recruiting videos? Identify who is linking to these things. Give this information to the FBI, I'm sure they won't mind.

Would'nt it be great if world-class hackers like 'Anonymous' save the world by taking down all this terrorism information? I know, this is the real world, but it's likely to be a bit Max Headroom too.