Why should there be any effect on US ties with Russia? In effect, Russia tipped off the FBI about the elder brother, so if there was a slip up, it was in the US, not in Russia. And in any case, from what I understand, there was no slip up. The FBI investigated as Russia had asked, found that the elder brother had no criminal activity, and that was it. I for one do not want the FBI to think that it has open license to become the panopticon of America, watching everyone all the time. The second article, the "charade" one, is just nonsense. There is no assertion of an international terrorist cabal, not because there may not be one, but because there's at this point no evidence of one. Do you really want an agency like the FBI to go around making accusations without having solid evidence? As I recall, that's what Bush and his cronies did when they conspired to have us invade Iraq--and look how well that turned out. In short, both articles are not worth the paper they're not written on.
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