Always glad to see you. smile
I'm very glad you're doing relatively well.

I've been thinking about you quite a bit,
especially whenever I happen upon fascinating
world music and exotic instruments.

Although I've never done it myself, I kinda'
get how complex forum-building is, in as much as
I've had a number of friends build forums and
even code apps. from the ground up just for me
since "9-11"...kinda' like people building a dog-
house to house a favorite family pet, laugh

LOL Interestingly enough, I've been on this
forum for nearly 10 years, yet I've never shared
the history of my long Odyssey with anyone here.
Other than saying that I'd been both Mod AND
Admin several times in my travels (travails?)

In fact when I first joined MacMinute I was accused
of being an an old "sock-puppet" because I was
so adept at post formatting.
I merely said; "I'm New HERE, but FAR from 'NEW'."

The only thing I can offer by way of advice is that
Free Forum Software differs WIDELY in complexity
and flexibility. Shop Around to see what suits you
before settling on any one...choose one with a
GOOD SPAM FILTER...and beware of Trolls!
either or both can run you ragged. crazy

Good Luck, and Don't Be A Stranger! smile