Yep, it's called the Miranda Exception. The FBI can delay reading Miranda Rights temporarily to question him in order to determine if other accomplices or explosives exist as a threat to public safety. Tonight's decision to take this step was cleared by the DOJ.

WIKI: The Miranda rule is not, however, absolute. An exception exists in cases of "public safety". This limited and case-specific exception allows certain unadvised statements (given without Miranda warnings) to be admissible into evidence at trial when they were elicited in circumstances where there was great danger to public safety.[8]

The public safety exception derives from New York v. Quarles, a case in which the Supreme Court considered the admissibility of a statement elicited by a police officer who apprehended a rape suspect who was thought to be carrying a firearmů. The rule of Miranda is not, therefore, absolute and can be a bit more elastic in cases of public safety. Under this exception, to be admissible in the government's direct case at a trial, the questioning must not be "actually compelled by police conduct which overcame his will to resist," and must be focussed and limited, involving a situation ""in which police officers ask questions reasonably prompted by a concern for the public safety."

good synopsis at ThinkProgress.

All of this is sure to make rightwing Obama haters (waterboarding & torture defenders crazy ) blow a fuse.