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Pseudo Pee guy could've just called the PD or notified security or management for the lot.

I limped my arse across the CVS pharmacy lot
only to witness some tool in a fancy SUV
pull into the handcapped slot and trot into
the adjacent coffee shop.

While I'm waiting to do my pick-up, a young
fellow much more disabled than myself drags
himself in using a pair of Canadian crutches.

I start to leave in time to see the disabled
young man walking to his car (it was painful
to even watch his progress... frown )
...and I spot the richprick's car still parked
just outside the door.

Uh huh.. you better believe I spun around
on my cane ...back to the pharmacy desk to
demand that they call a patrolman... then
stuck around until I saw the ticket go onto
the windshield.

Another pet peeve is lazy idiots who choose
not to return shopping carts because of the
inconvenience it causes disabled people to
have to park clear across the lot because
they can't to get out and move the cart.