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Sad news:

Gun Bill Background Check Amendment Fails, Other Key Provisions Follow

One humorous note: the amndment failed to pass even though it got a majority of votes. Wonder why it needed 60? Explanation here (spoiler: it has nothing to do with the filibuster ;-) ...

Accordingly, other amendments, from both sides, also failed:

'A number of other amendments also failed to earn the 60 votes necessary to pass: A GOP proposal including a number of changes, 52 to 48; a bipartisan amendment to stiffen penalties for “straw purchasers,” 58 to 42; a GOP-backed amendment that would have permitted “national reciprocity” of state-issued concealed carry permits, 57 to 43; a GOP plan to extend gun rights for veterans, including those deemed unable to manage their financial affairs, 56-44; and a Democratic amendment to limit the size of ammunition magazines, 54-46." [Source]

With all of that gone, one wonders what even remains of the original legislation ...