I have to, just have to get this off my chest. What happened in Boston was horrific. My heart goes out to the victims, the dead, the families. I love Boston as well, and I can't believe that that wonderful city has been injured in this way.


When Pres. Obama gets on the tube and says that any bomb that targets civilians is terroristic, although obviously I agree, I also have to wonder about drone attacks on weddings in Afghanistan or Yemen. Are those not terrorist attacks too? If the criminal or criminals who did the heinous deed in Boston end up in jail, shouldn't the president, who authorizes such drone attacks, also go to jail?

And then there's the report that came out today that affirms what we all know, that the US was guilty of torturing people in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Guantanamo. Why should John Yoo, who justified such heinous actions be tenured professor of law (of law, for God's sake!) at Berkeley rather than be jailed for the next 50 years? Why should President Bush, who agreed to abrogate the protocols of the Geneva Accords, be on his ranch rather than on the work farm?

All of this is driving me crazy.

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