I know you're being cynical, but it's still funny to me because that gun-nut is just crazy enough to say it !!

A little off topic, but the NRA debate over the background checks IS lunacy...
"criminals don't follow the law" - DUH ! no sheet sherlock ! so by that logic we should just do away with all laws. Speeders don't follow the law either. BUT when caught, you have something to "HANG" them on ! DUH !

"Criminals won't get background checks"- another DUH ! SO we just let them get guns easily through gun shows and internet where no background check is required. That's like saying we can't stop ALL burglaries ... so lets just leave the front door OPEN ! crazy Stupid arguments!

Sorry to digress. But this is more on topic - where do you draw the line ? automatic rifles, bombs, land mines ? According to La Piss-ant, "can't inhibit their right to defend themselves !!" sick
David (OFI)