Not trying to point fingers but the observations just added up. I could't think of a single case where the culprits were left wing or progressive. IF there are some , someone please enlighten me. I just couldn't think of any.
Columbine, Aurora, Newton, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Gifford's AZ shooting, Va Tech, McVey, ...

There was a nut that left a bomb in Portland, OR at a MLK Day celebration earlier this year, but luckily a city worker discovered it and it was disarmed. Probably from some white supremacist ! I'm just making observations... seems they all come from extreme conservative views. crazy
Then you have GOP candidates like Sharon Angle that talk about exercising their 2nd Amendment rights if elections don't turn out like they want. And another GOP nut Ted Nugent talking about if BO gets elected he'll either be dead or in jail afterwards. WTF is with these people !!?? mad
David (OFI)