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Just in case, I think it's time to unthaw one of my rice krispie treats.

Does that mean you will be freezing it?

Wow man, what a bum-me-out card you are. It's a verb and acceptable use. :-P

Hmmm ... when I looked-up the word at the online OED I got a different page, with the same definition but also with this caveat:

"Logically, the verb unthaw should mean ‘freeze’, but in North America it means exactly the same as thaw (as in the warm weather helped unthaw the rail lines); because of the risk of confusion it is not part of standard usage. Unthawed as an adjective always means ‘still frozen’, but it is best avoided because many contexts may be ambiguous, such as use frozen (unthawed) blueberries." [my bolding]

Which makes sense given that "unthaw" = "thaw" doesn't ;-)