Actually I am not that well versed as a mechanic. But these days I know that I can find the best price on auto parts online and then, with some help from a decent YT vid.. I can do it myself.
When the company I worked for went out of business 3 years ago.. I found myself almost immediately needing a brake job on my 06' Dodge Ram. Disc brakes. The last time I did brakes it was drums, I had never done discs. I found sporty slotted and drilled discs and high end ceramic pads on Ebay and had them shipped from Cali to Ft. Lauderdale for $240. Great price! With $25.00 in brake cleaner and caliper paint I fixed them myself. I decided while I was in there I was going to paint the calipers fire red like you see on sportier cars these days.
Still looking nice and red.
I will say that I ignore puddles, being in a truck with large tires... and I think I had warped one of the discs... I got a wobble braking at high speeds. I don't believe in turning discs at the garage... so I just redid them all 2 months ago. They probably would last some peeps longer... but the truck is heavy and I do a ton of stop n go here in the Miami area.
(see what I just did with the "heavy" and "ton")?? smile
I recently cleaned several sensors on the truck with some cleaner from the auto store... via a video ala YT.