The compressor in my outside AC unit is totally toast. The fuel pump in my Ford Explorer shorted out.

The weather down here is unnaturally cool. I have a semi-reliable neighbor who can maybe, probably get the car running again.

WTF else can happen? I refuse to consider the possibilities. Iím amazed at how easy it is to live with this shlt. Iím walking two miles and back for groceries. I'm sleeping with the windows up and the dogs in bed . . . Oh, wait. They always sleep with me. Damn, am I ever glad that got to be a habit wink

Anyway, I expect a paycheck will come over the horizon like the GD calvary any day now.

So. In light of one of the worser weeks Iíve had in a long time, I give you a Texas classic.

Damn. Just MFkní Damn.

Heavy Sigh and MuchoLoveLea
I always deserve it. Really.