Just go with it man. grin

From a different source below, it seems the cake wasn't left intentionally. Front story; His daughter was in the hospital after a car accident. When he got home from the hospital he was hungry.

I gotta ask though, a whole cake? First thing in the morning? sick The sugar buzz alone would be enough to trip me out. A whole cake when a piece was probably all that was needed, he had to have been buzzed. crazy

"Itís believed the cake was left at his home by a friend of his second daughter. Although his daughter allegedly pleaded with her friend not to bring the pastry inside their home, those pleas were apparently ignored, and the cake made its way into their kitchen.

When his daughter was hastily picked up from their home soon after hearing news of her sisterís accident, her friend also left the home, but forgot the pastry in the process.

No disrespect meant to the man in uniform, or regarding the car accident, but some of this is kind of funny on a few different levels.