Whoa Steve! You're on a roll now. Well at least until your next downtime, that is. Did you remember to sound all cool and nonchalant on the phone as if you knew all the time, they'd get back to you? laugh

Yeah, as a freelancer, you can never be fully content with your work situation. Currently I'm treaching a course on web publishing (basically html&css and the best practices in web design, plus some usability principles) to second-year graphic design students at the uni, and I have website project ongoing, two prospects I'm trying to pull in and no freaking time to go skiing during the week!!! And this is the last month of the season, when the weather is at its awesomest and snow is soft. And having enough time for my hobbies and doing them when it best suits me is one huge reason I don't miss working for the man. Ironic.

I should be happy, I guess, though, as summer is coming in fast. Last summer I had about three months off. Yeah, it always sounds good right up until I get to the part where I say there was no cash coming in for three months...and what if I get a gig or three for the summer? Well, all that is time I can't be focusing on mountain biking or fishing. Shucks.
Yes. I can haz a biz and site, no?