But Comeback is a suhweet thang! grin

From Feb 12 through last August, I was creating branding and a multi-channel marketing campaign and website for a multi-purpose real estate development overlooking downtown dayton. The contract ran through September. In June they hired a new CFO who kept bitching that I was too expensive and he wanted to break the contract. So we agreed to terminate the gig a month early. They had to pay September's retainer, and I offered to finish up the work. They were sour grapes and declined. No problem and sayonara.

So who called this afternoon? shocked You betcha! They're about to break ground on the condos and need to start the pre-construction marketing. They interviewed a half dozen Dayton agencies, and then decided they wanted me back! Meeting is tomorrow afternoon, and we're gonna make sure we agree on a budget and scope and the CFO is gonna have to sign the contract along with the COO. I LOVE when that happens! laugh

Oh, and speaking of reversals... the deal is back on with the Benz. Bringing it to my mechanic Friday to make sure it's sound.

Whew... what an afternoon! eek