True, can't call her socialist, although she did add to government spending, despite cutting from some areas, like higher education and housing.

To be honest, I don't think you can really blame the Euro itself for the problems today in Greece, Portugal, Spain, et al. even though some of their problems are most likely partially due to free flow of capital and goods - and all the eurosceptic populist movements (European version of the Tea Party) obviously like to blame it all on the euro and the European Union, aside from immigration, of course.

Actually, part of those countries debt is in reality money owed to German and French banks - as well as to other countries' banks, but to a smaller extent. If these debts were to be nulled immediately, they would next fall on to those banks and then on the taxpayers - again, as they already have fallen to every European Union taxpayer. The eurozone countries obviously pay more, but even those countries not in the eurozone pay a smaller share through their contribution to the EU budget. And, at the bottom of this is also the US subprime crisis when you dig deep enough.
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