So much for trust. smirk

When my client proposed this deal to me last week, he told me that he was sending an email a/b the car to his list, but that he wanted to give me first right of refusal before he entertained any other offers. Monday we discussed how to do the deal without making the accountants nervous, and he suggested that I take the car for the weekend so I could have my mechanic check it out. So yesterday I made an appointment with my guy for a used car inspection, and in the course of that conversation, he, knowing the Honda's service history and condition, said he'd buy it to part out or take it in trade against any work that the Benz might need. The deal is getting even sweeter!

Then last night, my client calls to tell me that one of his salesmen wants the Benz. He tells me the guy was away all week and only just saw the email. I reminded him that he promised me first right of refusal. "Well, this is an employee, y'know, so how can I say no?" was is response. Gee. What a guy!

He said he'd confirm one way or the other today, but after that stunt, I'm no longer interested even if his employee changes his mind.

He's a good client in that he always pays his bills on time. But he is a moving target constantly changing direction and contradicting himself so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. And at least now I can go back to looking for basic transportation. Meh...