Jim, what David said laugh

The US has been telling China for weeks to get a hold of their (Puppet) and tell them to stand down and be calm. Did China do that ? ? I don't know.

NK throws out threats just about every year . Remember when NK sank that SK ship ? When that SK island was shelled by NK artillery. NK has been pretty consistent with threats.

What has changed from the 50's - is China itself - today is extremely prosperous (West Money) , modern , Chinas people are globe trotting and investing in the West as well. NK is just an old wounded puppet that keeps bleeding and China keeps sending support.

Now that China is (extremely) reliant on the west commerce - for them to pull on NK side with force -> you betcha that the West will embargo all of China = this means back to stone age and I don't think China can go backwards because her people now taste capitalism and will not put up with the old communist Mantra. <- I know I have pants loads of Chinese (young) nationals in the building , driving Mercs/BMWs , conducting business and flying back and forth to China constantly.