I think we were there only 3. 1950-1953.
And then we were coming off WWII. We had the upper hand with NK until the Chinese jumped in and we decided to call it a stalemate. When you're outnumbered 20 to one and the country is sick of war - it's difficult to fight one, esp. half a world away. We were still trying to rebuild Germany and Japan... we had our hands full (same as now). But the big difference is technology. NK can't come close to us with technology... have better jets, tanks, ships, missiles (that don't crash into the sea!)... NOT saying it would be a cakewalk, but they'd lose.... unless China chimes in.

NOW That's the tricky part now. WE (USA) should tell China make NK stop this craziness. China can cut off their oil if they don't behave. IF China doesn't and NK does something stupid (nuke or worse), then tell China too late - we're taking them down. Maybe China is putting them up to it to test us !! eek

However if NK attacks, we don't have many options but to respond ! Don't like it, but if we don't we'll lose more than SK.
David (OFI)