A few years ago my street was plagued by burglaries. So I bought German Shepherd and a basketball. I named the dog "Butch" and painted a burglar's face mask and all on the basketball. I spent a month training Butch to attack the ball on the command Git 'im, Butch!

Then late one night, it happened. I heard the tinkle of broken glass downstairs, and Butch's ears perked up. Not wanting to alert the burglar, I whispered Git 'im, Butch! In a flash, he leapt from the bed and bolted, snarling, down the stairs.

The sounds that followed were horrifying. Barking, ripping, crashing, yelling...

And suddenly, silence. Tentatively, I tip-toed down the stairs, not sure if I was ready to see the carnage. Butch was sitting in the middle of the dining room, looking very proud. And strewn all around the floor were the shredded remains of that basketball.

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