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Japan had nothing for several years, but eventually the US decided it wanted help from Japan as a counterbalance to China, NK, etc. and now they have a very modern Self Defense Force, which is only supposed to be for Defense. However, the last time I looked at Japan's defense budget, it was in the top 10.

I may be wrong but Japan always had a Defense Force that was strictly limited by McArther doctrines which was enforced by Japanese parliament. So they always had a small navy a small air force and a small army.

When China, NK and Vietnam got stupid - Japan was allowed to build past the limitations of the McArther doctrines. They really now have a Defense Force that really can defend <-- and thats the key word (defense) by Japans own political structure , Japan cannot allow its military to build up to be an (aggressor) -> mind you that it takes far far less resources to defend a country than it would take to invade one.

However theres is that one (carrot) = Iraq.

Which the US invaded a country that had 1.2 million man army - with only 200,000 troops = Hi-Tech all the way + training.

Bottom line;
Unless NK feels that they have the heads up on Hi-Tech - NK is just gonna be just like another Iraq a complete walk over ?