I wonder if there's a drone with "Kim" on the nosecone ?? wink

No can't do that. Who knows maybe the army wants an out besides suicide. Oh sure we'll (& SK) have casualties, but that peninsula isn that big !! The S Koreans could be the 21st century "300" !!! who knows. . . . and if we maintain air superiority (can't see it not happening) NK will get pounded.

Heard an interesting tidbit on This Week news program. Rummy had a map of the Korean peninsula taken at night on one of his tables in his office for decoration. The SK part was lit up like a christmas tree and the North was pitch black !! NK couldn't afford to have many lights on.. limited electricity !! Those people are hurting (and have been for decades) ! I think Kim realizes he's got to get sanctions lifted or eventually he's cooked (even if its 5-10 years away). He also has to appear tough.. so this is his game. Course he's crazy enough to "push it" too !!

IF they do, I think we'll hit them VERY hard ... no nukes unless they go first... but expect the army, industrial complexes, and power plants (all 3 wink ) to be pounded !! I would not put it past them hitting his residence (several) and office buildings.
David (OFI)