smile :DThere was a little old lady who was suffering from a degenerative eye condition that had left her nearly blind. She had three sons, and each wanted to prove that he loved her more than the others.

Son #1 bought her an expensive Mercedes, with a chauffeur included, thinking this would surely win her approval.

Son #2 bought her a 15-room mansion, thinking this would surely be the best that any of them could offer her.

Son #3 had to do something even better, so he decided to give her his most prized possession, a parrot that he had been training for 15 years to memorize the entire Bible. You could name any verse, and the parrot could quote it word for word. What a gift that would be!

Well, the old lady went to the first son and said, "Son, the car is beautiful. It has everything you could ever want on it, but I don't like to go out anymore, and the chauffeur is a nuisance, so please return the car."

Then she surprised her second son by saying, "Son, the house is just gorgeous, but it's much for me. I only live in one room, and it's too large to clean and take care of. I really don't need the house, but thank you anyway."

Finally, she went to Son #3 and said, "Son, I just want to thank you for your most thoughtful gift. That chicken was delicious."