Exactly. Everyone on the planet planed on the consumer digital market. Why not them.

The rise in digital photography has made significant changes in all aspects of professional photography. That and the social media craze

I've been a member of a paid professional forum for years specializing in weddings and portraiture members. This forum has members who are some of the best and most well paid in those fields. Of course, I'm not in their league market wise, but I still belong in order to keep intune with the changing fads.

With the ease of entering the market that digital had allowed, I've noticed a great shift in quality of the product some "professional" photographers present to their clients. Many have put out a shingle when they haven't learned their craft, IMO. Offering product hardly better than beginning amateurs. The public, their customers, accept this as good photography , because they compare it to the crap they see on the social media. But they don't see great photography to compare with.

Some of these "professionals" have so little photoshop type skill. Simple stuff. But it's their lack of general photographic craftsmanship that is worse. Skills that need to be learned IMO.

Of course there have , also been, some outstandingly talented professionals produced.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time