Trust me, I have no illusions a/b maintenance costs. But I do know that the car has been lovingly maintained, and I've ridden in it a few times. The guy also owns a small plane, which requires an almost anal compulsive attitude towards maintenance. He's the kind of nut that will have the whole car detailed if one of his kids drops a french fry in the back seat! laugh

As far as the A/C is concerned, my Honda has a bad compressor and I didn't use the A/C once last summer and I survived. Open the windows and sun roof and enjoy the fresh air (the Benz has a sun roof, too).

Something like a 4-7 year old Malibu or Taurus or Pathfinder will cost a/b the same as this Benz, so why not get a little snob appeal in the bargain? grin

Will decide by mid-next week.