Reminds me of an incident. Back in 96 I sold my 94 Camero Z28 and bought a 1984 Towncar. It had all the bells on it ( for 1984). I drove it for three years and bought a 91 Cadilac Fleetwood. I kept the Towncar.

One night we had freezing rain so the morning drve to work was very icy streets. When I arrived at school and was talking about how bad it was out I said to my cohorts, "itwas so slick out I didn't know which to drive, my Lincoln or my Cadilac "

The other three teachers there were looking at me strange. Oneof them said. "Do you know what you just said" . These were a bunch of cheap teachers.

Both the Caddy and the Lincoln were so old that I got them cheap. But the fact that I had a Lincoln and a Cadilac sounded really off.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time