Well, lordy lordy! I have a client on retainer who just emailed me a pic of his immaculate 2000 ML 430 (175K miles). He was gonna put in on CraigsList, but first he called me and asked I'f I'd like to take the car in trade for two month's fee. New brakes, recently tuned & detailed. Only thing it needs is a freon charge. My garage said the freon won't be more than $220, and my insurance agent said it will barely effect my premium. It's a V8 and only gets 18 or 19 mpg and burns premium, so it'll more than double my usual cost at the pump, but cut the frequency by almost half.

My '97 Odyssey (over 196K miles) has a broken motor mount and a front strut that's getting loose.

Gotta think it over for a couple of days, but I think I'm gonna get my very first luxury car! cool