So, my question is. Do we value how successful someone is by the amount of money he has acquired?

There was this man in Dodge City who for years was the in school suspension monitor. I'm not sure how much education he had. Only a BS. I'm sure. Couldn't have made much on the salary schedule. But he gave his time to helping the kids in his charge which changed from day to day. He was very impressive . He was six foot eight and was filled out. He was also dark as a radial tire. When he entered a room he spent five minutes shaking people's hand. You had to love him. I did. He was Johovahs Witness.

I understand when he died young, about 50, at his funeral, people were lined up outside the church for a block. He had that effect on people. Was he successful?

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time