Back in ought three, I had been living here for three years, jus 15 miles from my old high school. It was the year of my 40 year high school class graduation . I waited until a month before to contact a couple of my classmates living in the area to find out what they had planned for our reunion. I discovered neither of them had done Zip ( sorry for the double negative). Both told me, " Dave, you do it" . Well, crap, that was the exact thing I was trying to avoid.

Now it's time for our fifty year reunion. Traditionally, this is the big one for our school. Our alumni association has a banquet for all alumni every year. We have a small school with each class being around 20-25 grads, so the attendance at the banquet is around 200 or less each year. They give extra attention to the grads of years of multiples of five and especially ten. But the fifty is the big one. After that we really start dying off.

I know that I'm going to be stuck with it and I'm not good at these sort of things.

What most fifties do is have a gathering of just us on Saturday as a picnic then gather as a group for the big banquet. The "big" banquet is not formal . We dress casually and have a catered buffet line with a speaker and some entertainment.

But last time I spent hours on the phone trying to find my classmates. Even though we only had 21 in my class and I know at least three have passed on. But I've lost that information.

Just lamenting here.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time