Addressing O.P. 1st comment:
"Who's going to check the ID's? Must we carry our birth certificates, pee papers as it were? I'm nearly 70 years old and have used public restrooms all my life. Have yet to see another woman's genitalia in a public bathroom. If it walks like a duck and acts like a duck, I assume it's a duck. And what man dressed as a woman is going to stand at a urinal and hike his skirt up. He will go to the women's bathroom and do his/her business in a stall. I'm sure not about to stand on tiptoe or atop the commode to make sure the woman in the stall next to mine has the right equipment. If it's a woman in male clothing, I would think she would use a men's room with a stall. It's all so confusing. If a man goes into a stall, are the other men going to make him "present his credentials?" Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Is there no end to legislature's interest in folk's genitals? So what? Who cares? Just hand me some toilet paper under if the roll is empty on my side. And wipe the commode seat if you pee on it so I won't sit down in your pee and PLEASE wash your hands!"

(I agree)

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