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LOL.. I see where you are headed with this...
"He would gather a group of like minded individuals to help him. Soon they would control all the bread and water"
The only thing stoping a bad guy from trying to take all of my bread and water is a good guy with a gun.

I think I'll stick with Lennon...tyvm.

Not at all. My thinking is that , from the time man first knew he was different, he set out to acquire things. Actually this began before he knew hewas different . Animals are territorial . Willing to band together to control their area. Lennon meant well, as have numerous others before him, and it feels good to feel safe and content, but there are going to be disputes and some way to resolve them.

Brings to mind a neighbor of ours on the farm. ( yeah, I know I use this a lot, but it fits in a simplistic way) . These were good folks. I played ball with them at high school. But we each had pastures adjacent to each other. Their bull sometimes got into our pasture. Not good since he was a scraggly sucker and our was pure blood registered Hereferd. The neighbor wouldn't keep up his part of the fence. So we had to fence the whole boundary .

People want to protect what's theirs.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time