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I presume there are provisions for tourists to pay without having a prepaid tag

That would be my concern


Well hard to (assume) that a tourist will be using a Toll ? ? He / She just might be there just for business - airport to hotel and the hotel back to airport.

Here I pay;
1 - State payroll tax.
2 - State excise tax.
3 - State Safety Inspection Fee.
4 - City car registration fee.

All my blocks covered <-- right I can drive on these roads because I pay my share.

Now tourist <- keep in mind that we are tourist related industry. When renting a car the tourist are charged an extra tax just for driving on our roads <- okay fair enough -> and its NOT that cheap either , you see and feel it.

(Double Taxing)
Now I rented a few times when my car broke down, in shop for repairs. I had to pay the same road tax as tourist when renting a car -> even after paying all my taxes to both the State and City.